First Open Science Workshop in Melbourne

Open Science Workshops, in 15 May 2014


So we are launching the first Open Science Workshop in Melbourne, Australia.

The idea is to gather together scientists and researchers from all fields, and talk about the tools and techniques that the open source community has made available to aid in collaboration and just generally working more effectively!


The workshop will be about helping everyone use these tools. No familiarity with the tools themselves, or even the concepts, will be necessary in order to attend.

You should come along if you are at all interested in learning what open science is about, and work in or near a scientific field.

For the workshop itself, a laptop will be required, and you will need to have permission to install software on it. Everything else will be taken care of.

There will be a side-track for people working on open science programs to come along and hack on them together; with a brief presentation on your work at the end of the day.


For this workshop, we will be focusing on two concepts:

For the first item, we will be using GitHub, and for the second, the SageMathCloud.

A description of the day itself can be found here: Agenda for OSW Melb.


TBA, but tenatively the date is the 19th of July, 2014.

Get tickets!

It's completely free, and tickets can be booked from the homepage.


That's all. We hope to see you in July! If you have any feedback, check the homepage for how to get in touch.