Open Science Workshops


We started Open Science Workshops in order to bring open source techniques to the science community. We want to show that it is possible to do open science now, and help everyone explore all the really excellent tools out there that aid the research process and promote openness.


Contribute to the betterment of the world by making it easier for people to do science; i.e. make it easy to replicate results, understand results, collaborate, and build upon existing work.

Check out the longer term goals if you want more detail.

Most recent event

Head over to the GitHub wiki Summary of the July 2014 Melbourne Open Science Workshop for details. You will find the previous agenda there.

The hashtag was #OpenScienceMelb.

Next event

Stay tuned by joining the mailing list below, or watching the GitHub repositories: osw-material and

Why should you attend?

You should attend because the open source world is freely providing many amazing tools that can directly help with the research process! In particular, they can help with the organisation of work, efficiency of collaboration, and general enjoyment of life! You will also get the opportunity to meet and interact with a bunch of open and interesting people with a shared passion for open science!

Event sponsors

We would like to thank the following organisations for sponsoring the July 2014 workshop, and helping keep it completely free!



Biarri Networks

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Who is behind this?

Check out the about page for more information on this! The bottom line is - we all are! Let's all work together to get wider adoption of open source software and attitudes in the sciences and in society at large!


Melbourne Open Science Workshop just days away!

Well, I'm just super excited to note that we are just a few days away from the event and have almost sold out of the ambitious number of tickets we originally set! I'm pretty blown away by the interest in this area, and the number of active projects that I've...

Call for participation in the first Open Science Workshop in Melbourne!

We are excited to announce the first Open Science Workshop, being held at Inspire9 in Richmond, on the 19th of July, 2014. The workshop aims to teach “open science” techniques to the science community: specifically, tools to collaborate on code, documents and data, collaborative computation environments, and why one should...

Melbourne Open Science Workshop Fully Sponsored!

Less than a week after the idea for this workshop was conceived, I'm very excited to say that the first Open Science Workshop in Melbourne has received all the necessary funding to go ahead! A big thanks to the following organisations who have provided support: Inspire9 GitHub Biarri Networks Full...

First Open Science Workshop in Melbourne

Idea So we are launching the first Open Science Workshop in Melbourne, Australia. The idea is to gather together scientists and researchers from all fields, and talk about the tools and techniques that the open source community has made available to aid in collaboration and just generally working more effectively!...